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Use for questions regarding the scope and proper use of the comment section, the comment section etiquette, or technical questions specifically concerning the comment function.

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Where is the disappearing comment/activity?

In the comments to this answer, @MC68020 addresses a comment to @ilkkachu, thanking them for something. Yet I do not see a comment by @ilkkachu nor any activity for them. There must have been ...
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Can moderated comments be recovered?

I remember some of the comments following post How can I sort the lines in this text file? seem helpful about usage of sort and about sorting algorithm. Now they are gone. Can they be recovered? ...
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The comment with a link to an example removed (by the moderator, I assume)

I commented on I can run playbook on user but not on crontab My comment: "See Run Ansible playbooks in cron The potential answer to the question is very complex and is out of scope here. I was ...
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When does the "It's no longer needed" flag become an immediate action?

I have noticed that under certain circumstances the "It's no longer needed" flag acts immediately on comments and they are straightaway deleted. Yet at other times this is recorded as having ...
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Has it ever been officially stated that question authors shouldn't answer to requests for clarification in the comments?

I recently asked a question author to add information from answers (posted as comments) to "request for clarification"-type comments also into the original question. The negative feedback ...
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Why was I notified on comments where I was not mentioned?

I commented twice on this Question : Text disappearing and reappearing Twice, the OP responded to my comments, but did not put in "@Prem", which would generally not have notified me. Still, ...
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Why is the reputation required to answer a question enormously high at 50?

I appreciate the level of professionalism here, but why is the reputation required to answer a question enormously high at 50 ? I am a professionally experienced expert and because of the threshold to ...
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Was my behavior correct in this situation?

I'm opening this post in reference to this question: Access ext4 disk that lost superblock and its backups The only person who answered seem to be a a highly regarded member of this community, not ...
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Is a deleted comment received by the tagged user?

Sometimes I delete a comment tagging a user, and for some reason or other, I delete the comment seconds or minutes after. Does the recipient receive the notification and can see (at least part of) the ...
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Unfriendly or unkind flag rejects stick even after flagged comments are deleted contained some unnecessarily unkind responses which I flagged as unkind. One was a blatantly rude response to a legitimate query that an acronym be ...
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Is it OK to debate in comments?

I asked a question about Linux's unstable API yesterday. Two users Artem S. Tashkinov and Philip Couling answered that question. Artem S. Tashkinov answered with just a link. After some time that ...
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1 Implement: Zero Comments

This site has serious issues, core issues. Some of them could be solved. I wonder if the community is developed enough to correctly deal with them. As comments have become a hold place for (permanent) ...
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2 Implement: Remove your own content

This site has serious issues, core issues. Some of them could be solved. I wonder if the community is developed enough to correctly deal with them. The second issue is that we should have a rule like: ...
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Why is commenting restricted to 50 rep? [duplicate]

Why is it allowed to answer a questions, but for comments 50 reputation is needed. Isn't an answer much higher weighted than a comment, where you can point out something to the questioner without ...
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2 answers

When to "Comment", and when to "Answer"?

I am trying to contribute effectively to the community, but I am not clear on when to Comment and when to Answer a question? I see many 'answers' in comments and I am not sure why they chose not to ...
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3 answers

Is promoting another Stack Exchange site OK?

We often get questions, usually text-parsing ones, from people working in Bioinformatics. Since I am a bioinformatician and a pro tempore moderator on Bioinformatics SE, I will often leave a comment ...
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Deal with a question that doesn't have a proper answer But might help others

I have asked this question about Logstash service not being recognized in an Amazon Linux server in Unix & Linux recently. Please read it carefully before evaluating this question. At the time ...
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Why is there a reputation requirement for comments, but not for answers?

In the "low quality" and "first post" review queues, I regularly see answers that should have been posted as comments instead. In many cases, the poster even acknowledges this and points out that they ...'s user avatar
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Im trying to answer a question and having difficulty myself?

Create hardlinks instead of copying files with rsync Please note I cannot comment and I can only answer or Hijack answers because the sites flaws at inception. The question is not only how do I ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Is it deemed decent practice to post a comment on someone's answer to invite him/her to answer my own question?

If I happen to come across a answer from which I have judged that the answerer is likely to at least give some advice on one of my own questions, is it OK to post a comment on that answer linking to ...
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8 answers

Users deleting their questions after receiving answer as comment (stop answering in comments)

This is related to Should we discourage people that delete their question after they receive an answer?, and to the AskUbuntu Meta question Please stop posting half answers and dumb advice as comments....
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3 answers

Should I refrain from correcting syntax/coding errors in answers? It seems like they aren't encouraged

I provided a comment to a question/answer about the scp command. Someone noticed a single character error in a command over there, and he was upset because it had cost him and his team time. I ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Did I post a comment on this answer?

Many times I intend to post something, even plan it out in my mind. Sometimes I make a draft in my editor first. Still, I get distracted and forget to post my comment from time to time. Until now I've ...
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4 answers

Self-promotion inside of comments, sometimes OK?

Should self-promotion (without disclosing one's affiliation, in the context of posts referred to as "spam") inside of comments be always a flaggable offense or not? I would have guessed that it is ...
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2 answers

How should we deal with question answered in the comments?

I recently found this: Is it possible to convert audio to midi with the shell? As you can see, the person actually leading to the answer used the comments section to provide his answer instead of ...
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4 answers

why are we not encouraging posting answers as an answer but not via comments?

I have seen many cases, every time exact answers are posting via comments instead of answers. So I would like to get clarification, is that the encouraged way here? I have seen at Stack Exchange ...
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Comments of thanks

The help section of the site states Please do not add a comment on your question or on an answer to say "Thank you". Comments are meant for requesting clarification, leaving constructive ...
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flag comments that only beg for an answer as non-constructive

I just flagged this comment (from the OP on his own post): Hi Can any one help on this ?Thanks – as non-constructive. I have seen such comments before and I don't want to comment on them myself, ...
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Error while submitting comment

I am not able to submit comment, when I try to submit a comment, which is a reply to one of the comment for my question, I am getting error "an error occured during comment submission". Is it a bug? ...
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Comment, edit post on meta with 1 rep?

This question got migrated from the main site. The user has been asked for clarification in comments, but that user has only 1 rep. Can such a user answer, or update her/his post, if (s)he hasn't ...
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Comments to 3rd party bounty providers

This question asks about how to address the editors of some question. These can be addressed with @name although the system will not offer completion while typing name. I wanted to comment to someone ...
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Any way to snapshot a series of steps within an answer, churn of comments is making it hard to follow what I should be trying as the OP?

I am currently trying to go through a series of steps that one of the community members posted in their answer. But since all the other members are commenting, I'm finding it difficult to keep the ...
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comments to editors

Sombody has just edited my answer. I don't see an argument for this edit. It seems that I cannot address him in a comment though he is shown as editor. I remember similar situations Wouldn't it make ...
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2 answers

A disagreement about the rules on non-answer answers

Context The following discussion happened in the comment thread on the answer, which began with the question "Is udev working properly on your server?" ...
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0 answers

@ user addressing in comments doesn't work sometimes

I have noticed that several times recently, just now with this question. I start a comment and want to address the OP. I write "@" and start typing the name but the autocompletion doesn't appear. ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Is OK to flag comments as answers?

I'm "cleaning" some unanswered questions that has no answer, but I found that an surprising amount of them solved their problems in comments. Is correct to flag comments and upgrade them to answers or ...
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Notify multiple people simultaneously?

Is it possible to @ multiple people simultaneously? I tried to use @ for the second time, but auto completion doesn't show up for the second @, so not sure about it.
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Why can users still comment on closed questions?

This question on the cost of migrating to Linux was closed (twice) and now the questioner has left a comment on his own answer soliciting further discussion. Surely, once a question has been closed ...
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2 answers

Using Markdown In Comments

I am unable to use markdown in comments. For example, I'm just trying to block out a snippet of code: I tried: 4 Spaces at the begging of each line. one tab at the beginning of each line. pre and ...
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2 answers

Downvoters of questions should be required to explain their reasoning

I've seen more than once some downvotes of (easy) questions with no comment. I think it would be fair to force a comment to be filled out for someone who downvotes. That comment should consist of at ...
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Didn't get any reputation for comment upvotes

I noticed I got an upvote for my comment on append string where it belongs in sorted file. However, I don't see any change in my reputation. Is there some problem?
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3 answers

Regarding 'no-longer-relevant' Comments

I recently discussed the merit of keeping no-longer-relevant Comments around with Michael Mrozek. Scenarios: OP follows a suggestion by a commenter, something like include exact error message A ...
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3 answers

Can we leave a Comment before casting a close vote?

I asked a question regarding joining 2 avi files using a GUI, and someone else earlier asked how to do that, but using the CLI. Another not-so-careful user decided to vote to close, and I suspect that ...
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How to comment on a question

Maybe I'm just too blind to find the relevant button, but I just am not able to comment on a question, while I can perfectly well answer questions. Do I need more reputation?
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Comments are really slow?

I'm not sure whether to tag this as a bug or support, but my pc seems to lag excessively when I try to comment on questions or answers. When I type it takes ages for my text to appear. Granted that ...
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