I just flagged this comment (from the OP on his own post):

Hi Can any one help on this ?Thanks – 

as non-constructive.

I have seen such comments before and I don't want to comment on them myself, primarily because the chance is high that the OP will jump on me and start making the begging directed to me.

Was this appropriate? I don't want to burden the mods unnecessary, but nor do I want (me and others) to have read through such irrelevancies ad infinitum.

  • For future reference, if you're flagging things wrong they'll get declined, and the site will tell you about it the next time you try to flag Jul 2, 2015 at 15:42

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Yes, the flag was appropriate. The comment was indeed non-constructive and the flag was fine.

There is no point in such comments and I think they are usually from people new to SE who consider that the same as posting "bump" in a forum. So yes, flagging them is the appropriate reaction.

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