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Use for questions regarding the scope and proper use of the comment section, the comment section etiquette, or technical questions specifically concerning the comment function.

The Stack Exchange sites provide a comment function, which can be used to provide feedback to questions and answers, e.g.,

  • requesting more details to be added to a post, or the clarification of ambiguous aspects of the post
  • adding references to related questions and answers that may be helpful in solving the problem, or that may already contain the answer
  • pointing out possible errors in, or possible improvements to, an answer
  • hinting a user at the expected behavior or code of conduct

They can be created by users with the required reputation, or automatically when users perform various review actions.

This tag should be used for questions regarding

  • when it is appropriate to use the comment function, as opposed to posting a new question/answer or editing an existing one
  • what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior when using the comment function
  • technical functions of, or feature requests concerning, the comment function

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