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Reconsider "no improvement whatsoever" rejection

One of the canned messages to reject a suggested edit is no improvement whatsoever: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more accurate or more accessible....
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what if i disagree with my question being put on hold

Recently, my query generated the following message: put on hold as too broad ... -specific users listed-. Is it appropriate for me to contact each of the listed users, stating my reasons for ...
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2 answers

Is it deemed decent practice to post a comment on someone's answer to invite him/her to answer my own question?

If I happen to come across a answer from which I have judged that the answerer is likely to at least give some advice on one of my own questions, is it OK to post a comment on that answer linking to ...
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Better answer after accepting?

I asked a question and got an answer that solved my question, so I up-voted and then accepted. Then someone else posted a new answer which included the information of the first answer plus many ...
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5 answers

Is it acceptable to transcribe images?

More often than I'd like, I see screenshots of terminal emulators while browsing through the newest questions and the "First Posts" review queue. If, given the context of the post, it is clear that ...
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Helping a user break local rules?

In the comments to question 299123 (now on hold for being too broad), the user makes it clear that he wants to log onto a node in a cluster and use screen. His problem is that on this particular ...
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Has something happened to shift keys recently?

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like people's shift keys are getting flaky. Maybe it's a manufacturing problem, but I'm afraid it's not. Why would someone go to the effort of capitalizing some words ...
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Is a question really a duplicate if specifically asked about one tool but suggested duplicate is for another?

If the answer to a proposed duplicate question can be solved by the accepted answer to an existing question, but the new question specifically asks about a specific tool/technique then is it really a ...
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Is it appropriate to suggest another community in a tag wiki to help get answer quicker and/or avoid a migration?

I have seen quite a few tag excerpts that contain pointers to choose a more specific tag or only use if... but almost none that suggest it might be better to ask in a different Stack Exchange ...
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When should I post multiple answers to a question?

Another user asked me in the comments section to my answer here why I combined so many approaches in a single answer. This made me realize we don't seem to have a clear consensus on if and when it is ...
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abuse of the Peer Pressure Badge?

wouldn't it be abuse of the Peer Pressure Badge to deliberately post a silly question that's bound to get bad reviews? Or is that ok as bronze badges are for trying out things?
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Is it right to edit a new user answer right away?

I know etiquette about editing has been heavily discussed, both on this meta and on StackExchange-meta but I couldn't find an answer for a particular problem. I found this answer on Unix&Linux. ...
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3 answers

Inexperienced users commenting on questions they don't understand

Lately I have come across several answers and comments from a user, that doesn't seem to understand the questions, often gives rather bogus suggestions and generally shows not-so-great fluency in a ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is it appropriate to "cross post" (parts of) answers?

Sometimes multiple questions can relate to the same topic from different angles. I've considered linking the questions, but sometimes the angles are so different that the answer to one question can ...
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2 answers

Is it appropriate to ask askers to accept an answer

Occasionally people will thank for an answer in the comments and write that the suggestion worked for them. Is it acceptable to ask them to accept the answer or upvote it instead, as seems preferable ...
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Editing best practices

I was looking at this recent question. Out of curiosity, what's the deal with removing "Thanks!" and the meaning of the question in the topic? (I think version 1 was perfectly fine.)
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Quoting Man Pages

I was going through the answers of some of the moderator candidates and found this: There's an entire section on quoting. Because this licensed under the GFDL, which is not compatible with the ...
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4 answers

Should we have a convention for commands requiring root?

Often a question can only be answered with a command that must be run as root. Depending on your distribution of choice you might be used to doing this with sudo. However, it is probably undesirable ...
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editing guidelines for Unix SE

So you guys have granted me enough rep to edit. :D But before I dig into people's questions/answers, what conventions/rules/guidelines should be followed when editing?
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