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Do we have a go-to reference Q&A for "I want to do {grep,sed,awk} on {xml,json,yaml,csv with text}, how do I shoot myself in the foot?" questions?

This still seems to be a very common topic. Over time, and I guess that's a sign of how the tools matured, our answers and comments to all of these end up being: It's very nice that you want to use ${...
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Duplicated question, new answer

A question is an exact duplicate of an older one. A new answer into the new post has a suggestion based on a new feature introduced, this answer does not exist into the old post. What should be done? ...
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How to suggest a similar question

How to suggest a similar question when we find a possible duplicate, or when it is answered in another thread, as show in the following dialog? Is there a privilege associated with this action?
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so–called "duplicates" are effectively killed from view from initial link - why not make that clear?

After a post was declared a "duplicate" it is effectively killed, wasting the time of the original poster, if one uses only the initial link, which is being tacitly redirected. He is not made aware ...
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My question wasn't specific enough, but got I got the right answer anyway. How should I proceed?

I have a question about my Unix & Linux Stack Exchange post: Interpret variables from read in string with shell script The question how I asked it (I tried to break it down to the relevant point) ...
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Closing out questions

Why do you allow other users to close questions? Obviously, there is a need by someone to have a question answered. As time goes on, programmers just love to change things up. So, let the questions be ...
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Duplicate question

I believe I asked a dup because my problem didn't solve at first. Now that I solved my problem, you might want to put together my question as a duplicate of the first question. Enable history for ...
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Duplicate questions, where to find them

When I view a question and immediately below the question instead of an answer is the block which states this is a 'duplicate question'. That's all well and fine but how do I find the original ...
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How to merge my own duplicate question?

How to merge my own duplicate question? Such as: When a package recommends A or B, which one is installed? Why isn't lxterminal installed when installing lxde-core?
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Question marked as duplicate but is a specific subcase of the duplicate

The question Replacing one column with another column in csv files was marked as a duplicate, but the question is specifically about line-numbering. There are answers to that question that are not ...
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"This question already has a lousy answer here"

There is an aspect of duplicate questions I have long wondered about: I often see questions that are similar or identical to an existing question, but the answers to the older question are poor or ...
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Project Reduplication of Deduplication - Unix & Linux

Stack Exchange recently started a collaboration project with the University of Melbourne, in an attempt to improve the automatic detection of duplicate questions. More information on the project and ...
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Is it bad to repeat a question if an existing one is hard to find?

Sometimes I have a question that I know I have seen on here before. I try searching for it as the first step. If I can't find it that way, I click "Ask a Question" and type in the title, because ...
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Reopen question on subshells closed as a duplicate

Why is subshell created by background control operator (&) not displayed under pstree was recently closed as a duplicate of Rule for invoking subshell in Bash?. I can see why people would think ...
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Are questions about command substitution considered duplicates?

Command substitution in bash (and other shells) is a very versatile technique, and it comes in many forms: Assigning command output to a variable Using command output as a parameter for another ...
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Should question be marked as duplicates when the "duplicate" was closed as too broad?

The question How can I create a file with multiple lines from the command-line? (for short A) was closed as a duplicate of How to create a simple .txt (text) file using terminal?(B). But B was closed ...
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7 votes
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Question and accepted answer got lot of upvotes despite easily googlable

I checked out a question, How to redirect the output of a command to an already existing file without deleting its contents?, that was asked yesterday and got a large amount of upvotes. Some other ...
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Is a question really a duplicate if specifically asked about one tool but suggested duplicate is for another?

If the answer to a proposed duplicate question can be solved by the accepted answer to an existing question, but the new question specifically asks about a specific tool/technique then is it really a ...
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Virtual consoles (Linux–FreeBSD): possibly mistaken closure

When I was about to write a post about Linux–FreeBSD virtual consoles and their difference from virtual terminals, an anomaly surfaced. The question Computer terminal and virtual console asked namely ...
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Who should I argue my case to if I think my question is not a duplicate?

I've had questions marked as duplicates just because they were similar in some aspects. However, in many of these cases, I do not think that my questions are duplicates. I can't message the person(s) ...
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How we should use the "How to debug a bash script?" canonical question?

When I asked this question my purpose was two fold: That people can self-help themselves into debugging their own scripts and discover what is wrong without asking us. That it serves as a lighting ...
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Which duplicate should be closed?

I'm raising this issue because it seems to me that when we find a new question that has an obvious duplicate, it should not necessarily be the new question that is closed. We already have a good ...
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Can't close as duplicate with no answers

In the Review Queue, I came across a question where Gilles had already voted to close as a duplicate: the question and the duplicate. However, when I attempted to vote to close, I was asked to select ...
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Can't mark as duplicate to other Stack Exchange Question

I wanted to provide an answer but also indicate that this question variables in crontab was a duplicate an existing question, and provide a link to the answer that I thought was best. ie This one, ...
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duplicate vs. other reasons for close votes or flags

I consider it unfair that all kinds of vote reasons are treated equally (e.g. with respect to badges). I kind of admire the people who bother searching for duplicates. If I get possible duplicates in ...
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Trying to illustrate how my question differs from an existing one

My question ( Is there a way to cat files as they are created? ) is marked as a duplicate, but I believe it differs significantly from the indicated question. I've added what I think are redundant ...
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Similar question but not duplicate, answers not in the other question

I asked this question: Why does du report a size of 0 for some non-empty files on a HFS+ partition? There is another question: Directory size calculation difference that also treats this kind of ...
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Is "Why problem X exists" duplicate of "How to solve problem X"?

This question: Why cat, grep and other commands can't understand files starting with minus sign? was marked as duplicate of this question: How do I delete a file whose name begins with "-&...
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comment about closed-as-duplicate

A question of mine got closed as a duplicate of another, with several fast votes. While there is some overlap, in my opinion it wasn't 100% the same, where can I comment specifically about the ...
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`exact duplicate` as a flag option not well categorized

The 40k-rep-heavy user Gilles commented on this question Why do you need the "./" when executing programs in the current directory? (ups - why is no link-button here?) that it is a possible ...
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Can we leave a Comment before casting a close vote?

I asked a question regarding joining 2 avi files using a GUI, and someone else earlier asked how to do that, but using the CLI. Another not-so-careful user decided to vote to close, and I suspect that ...
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