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Has it ever been officially stated that question authors shouldn't answer to requests for clarification in the comments?

I recently asked a question author to add information from answers (posted as comments) to "request for clarification"-type comments also into the original question. The negative feedback ...
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discourage images of text on /questions/ask?

Is it possible to customise the "Ask a Public Question" page to add some text and a link to discourage posting images of or links to images of text? I often copy-paste a comment like the ...
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3 answers

In the case of a question that applies to many Linux OS:es, is it better to ask one question and expect mutiple answers, or ask one specific question?

I have a question I would like to ask that applies to mostly all Linux distributions (and maybe even BSD), but the answer will probably vary depending on what Linux distribution it is due to varying ...
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Post your question still grayed out

Last year, people were posting about the same problem and it was reported to be fixed. But I'm having the problem with another post today. The problem seems to be that I'm supposed to first ...
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Why do suggested similar posts appear between title and body of a post under creation?

When type in either the body or the title of a new post, it is nice that the site suggests similar posts. But it is also annoying that the suggestions appear between title and body, which pushes the ...
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What else can I do to make my question well-received and improve my chances of getting answers?

I’m new to the UNIX & Linux site and I would like to ask a question. There is some guidance in the Help Center, but what are other actions I can take to make my question well-received and improve ...
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Splash screen test for kali-linux questions

Let me preface with this. With the quality of questions under the "kali-linux" tag, I do understand what's going on. For whatever reason, Kali seems to attract not only newcomers to Linux, but new ...
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1 answer

Can't show appreciation?

Here is the question I want to discuss about: Delayed Expansion I just want to know why the "Any help is appreciated!" message was removed I have put such a message in AU questions too, but I don't ...
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Community Wiki or Answer to my own Question (gcc-doc non free)

I want to share some info regarding Debian and GCC. (I needed to add non-free repos to my sources.list file in order to be able to fetch gcc-doc package -manpages for gcc-. I search for an explanation ...
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Is it bad to repeat a question if an existing one is hard to find?

Sometimes I have a question that I know I have seen on here before. I try searching for it as the first step. If I can't find it that way, I click "Ask a Question" and type in the title, because ...
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Is this cross-post against site rules?

I'm asking about this question (U&L) which was recently posted again here (AU). Gilles once stated that cross-posting between UL and anywhere is against the FAQ/on-topic guidelines which ...
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Installing Geant4 alongside GEANT3: Question for Unix and Linux meta?

I intend to ask the following question: Can I install Geant4 alongside GEANT-3 on my Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet)? I have already installed GEANT-3. How can I install Geant4 without making any ...
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4 answers

Is it appropriate to reword questions to make them more generic in prep to make them community wiki?

Just as the title says: is it appropriate to reword questions to make them more generic? I've seen a lot of questions that ask the same thing; however, the titles aren't related and the average user ...
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Are (original) posts expected to be in English?

It doesn't specify this anywhere on the Tour page and I cannot find a meta question that directly answers this question (if one exists, please direct me there). Are questions on SE (and *nix.SE in ...
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Is "How do I read/interpret X command output?" a fair question?

I love wondershaper, as it prevents me from abusing my little cheap bandwidth/router, but when I try to know how it does I'm suddenly immersed into tc output which looks alien to me and left me with ...
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2 answers

Asking Questions About Advantages and Disadvantages

On Unix-StackExchange, can I ask questions like "When configuring the Linux kernel, what are the advantages and disadvantages of enabling UTS namespaces?"? (This is a real question that I want to ask.)...
14 votes
2 answers

What's better place for questions about "Linux/Unix programming libraries" - Unix.SE or SO?

Where to ask questions about "Linux/Unix programming libraries" ? Is it better to ask such on Unix.SE or StackOverflow ? As @Mat pointed out FAQ says "If your question is a programming question, ...
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1 answer

Questions titles with square brackets in them

I don't think this should be allowed. I've just edited a couple of question from two different users: Why do I get an "rsync: failed to set times on ... : Operation not permitted (1)" error ...
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Should I ask generic questions here or on main meta?

It's sometimes not clear whether to ask here or on main meta (an example Q: What about questions already answered elsewhere?). Advantage here is that the answer would be more specific to our site, and ...
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