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Mail alert for specific tags

I want to monitor a specific tag and would like to be informed when question with that tag arises. I know I can create an RSS/Atom feed based on a tag. But I need it as email. Is it possible?
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Why was I notified on comments where I was not mentioned?

I commented twice on this Question : Text disappearing and reappearing Twice, the OP responded to my comments, but did not put in "@Prem", which would generally not have notified me. Still, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Comments to 3rd party bounty providers

This question asks about how to address the editors of some question. These can be addressed with @name although the system will not offer completion while typing name. I wanted to comment to someone ...
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Is there a bug on StackExchange?

My Unix.StackExchange and my Stackoverflow are not updating correctly, I got some points, but they don't show up on my achievements tab. The tab "Your Communities" is also not updating correctly. The ...
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inform about edits after downvotes

You can change your vote for a question (or answer) after it has been edited. Quite often at least questions improve soon (because the questioner is told that the question is bad and what information ...
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