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Why is not using dark mode? [duplicate]

StackExchange has had an option for a while now that allows users to use the dark mode theme on the website. I've noticed that all the stack exchange sites I use, are in dark mode, yet this one is not....
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Do bountied questions automatically expire?

I'm curious what happens to bountied questions from users that appear to have stopped using this platform. I recently answered a question (along with 2 others) from a user that hasn't logged in since ...
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The tag "on-topic" should be synonyms of the tag "scope"

On our meta site, there are two different tags on-topic and scope but actually on-topic is synonyms of scope. Refer MSO.
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Comment, edit post on meta with 1 rep?

This question got migrated from the main site. The user has been asked for clarification in comments, but that user has only 1 rep. Can such a user answer, or update her/his post, if (s)he hasn't ...
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What's wrong with HTTPS?

What's wrong with security certificate for this site?
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Have to use chromium to ask questions on meta

My favorite browser is Mozilla Firefox and it works fabulously on most of the stackexchange sites but somehow that does not work in meta, i.e. the profile does not get transferred and I remain as a ...
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How do meta reputation and badges work?

Unlike Stack Overflow meta, I've noticed that here all my reputation points have been transferred over from the main site. But not badges. Will my reputation be synced between the two? If so, why ...
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Should I ask generic questions here or on main meta?

It's sometimes not clear whether to ask here or on main meta (an example Q: What about questions already answered elsewhere?). Advantage here is that the answer would be more specific to our site, and ...
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