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Can I put a bounty on a question using reputation from stack overflow?

The title sums up my question. I am having an issue that I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure out, I have even gone through system logs to try and figure out the issue and have googled everything that ...
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When is the best time to start a bounty?

I'm thinking of starting a hefty bounty (on this question), since I haven't gotten an actual answer that works yet. Now, a bounty lasts for a week; but it is likely to have the most visibility during ...
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Is it possible add more bounty on a question?

I had start bounty my question worth of 50 but is it possible to add more 50 right now?
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Award a bounty less than 48 hours after posting

I just read one of the best answers I've ever seen on stackexchange. Accurate, detailed, clear, and not too verbose. The only way I know to pay tribute is to offer a bounty, but help says I can't ...
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Comments to 3rd party bounty providers

This question asks about how to address the editors of some question. These can be addressed with @name although the system will not offer completion while typing name. I wanted to comment to someone ...
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Is it possible to stop bounty from being automatically awarded?

Got this notification when I signed in this morning: The logic seems faulty to me, but maybe someone can explain it. Basically I have a bounty question where Ramesh answered after the bounty was ...
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Bounty handling: Reward existing answer

I think that it doesn't make any sense to force me to wait three days until I can reward an existing answer. I totally see the sense of this regulation for the other cases. This is especially bad as ...
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Second bounty to Q when funding party has provided an answer: are the conditions cumulative?

The situation is as follows: A bounty is set for 50pts by non-OP The funding party contributes an answer The bounty is awarded Then you read this: To avoid overly promotional bounties, if you are ...
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What should we do with off-topic bounty questions?

This Bounty question looks to me as if it were off topic and a crosspost For this question - assume it were off-topic. How should these kind of questions be handled? Close and Flag for moving do ...
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Does accepting an answer remove it from the featured page?

slm recently kind of out did himself answering one of my bounty questions. Since it had been up for a while, I wanted to leave it on the featured page so that those interested in the question could ...
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Award bounty after expiration

I do understand the importance of limiting the time in which a bounty can be awarded (I think). However I wonder if mods have the ability to award an expired bounty in exceptional circumstances. On ...
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Why don't I get the bounty points back if there are no answers?

If no one answers my questions, why can't I have the points for a bounty returned? If someone offers a reward and no one cashes in, the person doesn't forfeit the amount. So what is the deal?
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How to migrate bounty to normal question?

I started a bounty. How can I migrate it to a normal question? Does it have a deadline for migrating?
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Bounty awarded by Community, what happened?

I stumbled upon the following question When do you use brace expansion? The second scoring answer got a bounty awarded by Community. How and why does such a thing happen? I did not see it before.
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If a question was migrated, what happened to the bounty?

I asked moderator to migrate this question, before that I started a bounty with 50 reputation, and now it seems gone ?
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Incorrect count of "featured" questions

Just today I decide to place a bounty on an old question, and notice that the count doesn't get incremented. Is this some form of caching, i.e by design? Or is it a bug?
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Bounty button showing on answered questions

Why do I see the 'start a bounty' button on questions which have an accepted answer? See the screenshot below from this question
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