Today I tried to ask a question with tag regex and got rejected with:

Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because:

    Creating the new tag [regular-expressions] is not allowed since the tag [regular-expression] already exists. If you think this new tag should be allowed, raise it on meta.

I didn't type "regular-expressions" so I assumed that "regex" was aliased to it, before it became outdated/superceded by "regular-expression".

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The tag actually does exist, but something's wrong; I can't get to its synonym list (but I see the synonym in the master list), and your new question tried to create it, so apparently some parts of the system don't see it. I'm going to wait for a dev to look at this before I fix the synonym and merge them


Can't repro: tagging with now automatically retags with (singular). is an unused tag (a part from one test I made that will go away very soon).

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