I made an edit to the tags of a question

I received a double note, one at the top, that my edit will pass a review process, and a second one at the bottom, which I'd like to discuss:

Oops! Your edit couldn't be submitted because:

  • You have the privilege to retag questions; to suggest an edit please include a change to the title and/or the body as well

I guess there is a "don't" missing - You don't have the privilege ... - else it doesn't make much sense. Or am I wrong? Meanwhile, I find it annoying that I shall invent some edit reason in the body of the question.

I know similar discussions about only editing the title of a message and the 5 or 7 character rule from general meta and I'm tired of it; this topic should be discussed over there, I think.


after Michaels hint to this other thread, I think a rephrasing of the error message would be right.

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This was intentional:

I just changed it so you must suggest more than a tag edit, if you have retag rights.

If you have retag rights then you should have a separate link under the post specifically for editing tags -- you only use the "edit" link if you want to suggest an edit to the title/body. I think there's a post on meta pointing out how annoying that workflow is, but I'm having trouble finding it

In any case, there does at least appear to be a typo in the error message I just reread the error message and realized it is accurate, I just misread it. It's just telling you to use the retag link if you want to retag

  • Oh, yes, I see, and think I understand. If I only want to retag, I choose the retag link, but I used the edit-link. So editing the tags could be blocked, to force the user to use the retag-link, not the edit link, but then a user who wants to do both would be annoyed. But since the software detected everything: a) I have retag rep. b) I did only a retag it could just accept the retag. :) I'm not sure about the name of this user-experience-anti-pattern: Error 7! You have to push button X7; displaying the errordialog, instead of performing what button X7 would do. retag: Feature request. Sep 8, 2011 at 19:02
  • @user Agreed, and that's what the question I linked was asking for. For some reason they implemented the opposite instead (rejecting the suggestion entirely) and marked it status-completed, so you might want to post your own feature-request about it (although waffles mentioned that it's hard to do, so it might get rejected) Sep 8, 2011 at 19:18

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