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As in inveterate queue clearer, the behavioural impact is negligible. The cognitive impact, however, is unwelcome. The red dot immediately signals dread: "Oh, there are a heap of these things to deal with now..." Save the red for when you really need it (ie., when the queue really is backed up: 10 or more, or whatever the old threshold was). Bring back the ...


I definitely agree the review queue indicator needs to be more aggressive, but it's neither a good idea nor necessary to sacrifice the urgency indication feature just for that. Instead of setting the whole site on fire, how about a yellow-to-red transition? One could even think about always having a dot on every queue, maybe green for empty ones – those ...


I think Caleb's answer is on the right track, but it has a fatal flaw: I want an easy way to know how many votes I have left before voting, not after. It does give me an idea: include the current vote count in the tooltip. For example, instead of ”This answer is useful“, show “This answer is useful (39 votes left)”.


We had problems with a datacenter test that left our caching layer in a partially broken state. All issues should now be resolved. See also


Spoken about review queues, please change/repair the mobile apps so it's finally possible to do those tasks from within the app . I rarely use the website and thus rarely perform review tasks. An indicator no matter how big it is helps in this situation. The same goes for participation in elections, the winterbash and more stuff like that.


Because I was curious, I clicked through to the SEDE query to see what U&L's "N" value would be for turning the indicator red. Re-quoting the meta post: Each queue may be in one of three states: No dot (empty queue) Grey dot (at least one but fewer than N review tasks) Red dot (N or more review tasks) And as of today, U&L values ...


Yes, there is! And: More information: Reputation and inbox notification shows up again after refresh


I second this request. Months and months later I still miss it and inability to ration votes well is a poor way to contribute to high signal to noise ratios on the sites I frequent. I propose adding the information back in the form of a popup when voting, beginning with the first vote of the day. You have 39 votes left. Currently this warning does not ...

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