How about chat as a device? /dev/chat


I don't know if I'll like them or not, but I think it's been designed correctly: Opt-in on a per-site basis, and opt-out on a per-user basis. So I say, go for it. If I don't like them I will disable the feature, but I won't know unless we enable it for this site. If you want to opt in to this years Winter Bash, upvote this answer to say a big Yes, gimme ...


Yet another chat variation, as a shebang this time: #!/bin/chat


These should be synonyms, but macos, being the currently preferred name of the OS, should be the master, and the other tags synonyms of it. That doesn't match the current suggestion.




talk(1) talk(1) was/is a way to chat with users between Unix machines, going back to 4.2BSD (1983). ytalk would be another good name, as it introduced 3+-user chat, but that'd be more confusing to people who have never heard of the command. Wikipedia has a short history of talk and its successors.


Inspired by @rumtscho's excellent answer: User Space


I think it's a bit of a moot point. I skimmed through the questions tagged x, and the vast majority are Linux systems (so running X11), with the rare exceptions for X11 on macOS. There's no question here that's about X but using something other than X11, so the very existence of x can't be justified.


Swap Space Or something like.


After seeing the additional data, I'm leaning towards this idea: base tag: exit-status (a new tag, utilizing the current return-status excerpt & wiki) synonyms: exit-code, return-status, and return-code I've created the exit-status tag and populated it with the return-status excerpt and wiki (slightly modified to say "exit status" instead of "return ...


A windows subsystem for Linux makes me think of X11, some subsystem to manage windows on Linux. After googling it, it looks more like it's some Microsoft product to run GNU/Unix/Ubuntu applications on Microsoft Windows operating systems, rather than something like wine to run MS Windows applications on Linux-based systems as the name would suggest. IMO, ...


I agree with your logic and IMO it should be removed.


EFI and UEFI refer to different versions of the same thing. In the mid 1990s, Intel began working on an improvement over the PC BIOS in order to work well with the more powerful machines they were building. The result was an Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI), and Intel still hosts the version of the specification they published in 2002. In 2005, Intel ...


I can't see a difference in the type of questions that have one tag or the other. People seem to indifferently use one or the other. Since the libvirt library and the libvirtd daemon interact with each other, and there is no alternative implementation of either as far as I know, very few issues involve only the library or only the daemon. Furthermore, “...


I think the use of format to mean creating a file system is going to be hard to eradicate. As you point out, most people won't know what mkfs is while format is a household term. This is always going to be a hard tag to deal with since it can be used to mean so many different things. The best solution I can see would be to blacklist the tag. Then, when ...


Yes, I think they should be synonyms; I’ve added a candidate on the osx synonyms page, feel free to vote it up or down.


My first impression is that kernel-drivers should be merged into drivers, and module was created by someone who typed kernel module as separate words and grew from there. This is to be confirmed by browsing through the questions list which I haven't done yet. Only 16 questions are tagged module but not kernel-modules or kernel. 8 of these are about Linux ...


It won't show up in your SE "mailbox", but there is an RSS feed for every question: the link is at the bottom of the page: Subscribing will allow you to monitor updates to the page.


The tag length limit has been raised, so windows-subsystem-for-linux is now a valid tag name.


I think those should indeed be merged, yes. And this is precisely how to get it done: post on meta, see if everyone agrees and wait until the mods do their jobs. So, unless anyone objects, I'll be merging them.


You’re right that they’re they same. According to the Polkit Wikipedia article, Since version 0.105, released in 2015 the name of the project was changed from PolicyKit to polkit. Also, the tag wiki excerpt for policykit is a copy of the first line of the above Wikipedia article, Polkit (formerly PolicyKit) is a component for controlling system-wide ...


For the sake of completeness, upvote this answer to say a big NO to hats!


What better name for a Unix&Linux user's group than alt.unix ??


We have now disabled all Smarty-like modifications text in titles. From now on, the title text saved for the post is the title text that will be displayed. If folks want em-dashes (ALT-0151) and fancy quotes (ALT-0145 through -0148) to appear in titles, they are welcome to add them. But we won’t convert it automatically any longer. we’re no longer the ...


The shell-script was set to highlight using lang-sh. I just changed that so it uses lang-bsh instead and that seems to have fixed the issue. I don't know if that's because lang-sh was broken or because lang-sh actually refers to some other language and not sh, but it seems to be OK now: If anyone notices issues or objects to having shell-script default to ...


I went ahead and installed this in the blacklist today. .... ducks


Another idea from me: /dev/ttySE Or some other tty, be it an existing one or something someone made up, like ttyTALK or ttyCHAT. If you guys like the play on /dev/tty but feel that some other ending will be cooler, post your own variation, I won't see it as plagiarism.


/tmp ... where (almost) everyone can post, and (usually) others can't modify your posts.


/dev/stdchat (stdchat for short) Like stdin, stdout and stderr, we'd have a stdchat.


I'm in favor of windows-subsystem-linux as it starts with "windows", and so jumps out in our short list of tags that start with "windows"; and Windows is the base OS. WSL could be a synonym, just in case someone tries it. World Surf League is an unlikely collision. Ditto Windows scripting language. http://www.acronymfinder.com/WSL.html

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