The title basically sums it up. I just edited a question and while I'm not 100% sure that I didn't get +2 reputation from the edit - since I didn't look at my reputation count before, only after - my profile tab suggests that I didn't.

Is this behavior intentional? Will I get it in a little while?

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Yeah, that bummed me out the first time I passed 2k on one of the sites too. Makes sense though, >2k is a well established user who no longer needs the tiny +2 of editing because their fascinating questions and incisive answers will soon catapult them to glorious heights.

Or something along those lines anyway.


You get a reputation bonus for editing only when your edit is reviewed by other uses and approved. You don't get a reputation bonus when your edit is immediately taken into account with no one reviewing it.

At 2k reputation, you get the privilege to edit questions and answers without supervision. So you no longer get reputation from such edits.

At 20k reputation, you get the privilege to edit tag wikis without supervision. So you no longer get reputation from such edits.

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    This is the right explanation; for some reason it never gets explained this way. You get +2 for suggesting an edit that gets approved, and at 2k you're not suggesting post edits anymore, you're just making them Nov 15, 2013 at 21:41

Yup, that is only an enticement up to the 2k level, then it goes away. Here's the full info on it:

Not getting edit's +2 rep after reaching 2k rep

Given you do a fair amount of editing on the site (I'm the one usually approving them) I hope you'll still continue with that behavior even w/o the reward of +2. It's appreciated and highly valued by many of us!!

  • huh, didn't realize I did that much editing.
    – strugee
    Nov 15, 2013 at 6:43

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