Today I noticed a (for me) unknown user 'robinloop' reviewing suggested edits:

enter image description here

What baffles me is that this is a new user, without reviews:

enter image description here

IIRC you need some more reputation than 1 before you are allowed to review, unless you approve an edit on your own post. But there are questions nor answers by that user.

I checked if 'robinloop' accepted a suggested edit on his/her own Question and if that question was then moved to some other SX site, but there are no (close) votes today that indicate that such a thing happened.

Another possibility would be that a post was edited and the changes accepted by 'robinloop', after which the post was flagged and removed. But I would the edit information in that case not get reset?

Do I miss something on how things work, or is there a loophole in the system of voting on suggested edits (including getting the Custodian badge)? Therefore not sure if a discussion item or a bug either.

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The edit was on robinloop's own post like you guessed, but the post was subsequently deleted, so it doesn't show up in his profile

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