How to install Touchégg on Fedora 20

I will add:

  • The only RPMs that seem to be available are for Mageia, a fairly distant distro. Needs dependcies from Mageia (mesagl, which needs Mageia's version of drivers and Mesa) which conflict with the Fedora native ones.
  • I haven't found any SRPMs for it so far
  • The instructions to compile it are for Ubuntu...
  • The above question is one of the top results when searching for varying forms of touchegg fedora
  • I don't have enough rep here to vote to reopen

I also may be close to a answer anyway because I am trying to get it working on Fedora 21, and then will do the same for a Fedora 20 box

I can see why it was closed as it was originally just:

How do I install Touchégg on Fedora 20?

a edit was made after to add what the user had tried - so this still should be a valid question.

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    You could either flag this for reopening, or hop into the chat room - there is usually a mod or two monitoring it. In any case, one should be able to write a spec file for this based on the Debian packaging, assuming the build and runtime dependencies are also available on Fedora. Actually, before spending time on this - I suggest you ping the OP (if he is paying attention) and ask him if he still cares. It is such a specialist question it is unclear if anyone else would care. Mar 8, 2015 at 16:38

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I have reopened the post. Note that it was quite correctly closed, if you check the revision history, you will see that the original question was simply "How do I install touchegg on Fedora?" and lacked the details that were added later.

  • Thanks! I just have to work out one dependcy without breaking things, then I should be able to sort out a nice list of instructions on how to build it :)
    – Wilf
    Mar 9, 2015 at 13:13

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