Do we have a precedence on questions that are based more on servers than unix? P.S. I'm specifically thinking that I might want to migrate this question to serverfault


All unix questions are on-topic here, except programming questions (which we redirect to Stack Overflow).

Some unix questions are also on-topic elsewhere (Server Fault, Super User, Ask Ubuntu, Ask Different are the usual suspects). When it comes to questions that are on-topic on multiple sites, the general policy is that they stay where they were asked.

Sometimes a question might be migrated: if it's a far better match for another site and only borderline where it was asked; or if it goes un(satisfactorily)-answered for a while. If the question works where it's posted, it should not be migrated.

Case in point: this question has an accepted answer. It's not a significantly better fit for SF than for U&L. Don't migrate it.


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