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Hey! My name is Michael Wentworth. I’m a hardcore Linux fan, sushi lover and I love making the world a better place by helping people out. It’s not about who I am, or what anyone can do for me, but what I can personally do to help you. I offer technical support, advice, and milk and cookies. But please, drink the whole cup. Last time I was Linuxing a dumb person left half the cup full. It spilled. Unfortunately, that dumb person was me.

I like writing in a comedic tone at times. Don't get offended. Instead, ask yourself "Why is Mike so badass?"

I love the idea of developing my own software and being a producer, not only a user. Seeing that expression on someone’s face when their problem has been resolved — that’s a priceless moment I always look forward to.

Don’t be lame — switch to Linux. I can speak all day about Linux and why it’s hardcore. Really. All of these other operating systems (Windows 7, 8, Mac OS X) are garbage and you’re a terrible person for having used them. I am repelled to other operating systems just as the Antichrist is repelled to the cross. One of the common mistakes people usually make are “This doesn’t work on Linux!” “It does. The command line. Wine. VirtualBox. Linux software.” We’re just used to a “one-click does it all” giant pulsating blue button. Let’s be more hardcore than that! Let’s due our diligence and not get viruses because we downloaded a wallpaper. Let’s not be left in the dust because we’re being forced to upgrade but don’t want to. The best thing about Linux? Less to no driver problems, we’re not running inferior software and we have new and interesting ideas coming out — all for free. We can be part of it, too! That’s what we geeks love about Linux.

I love writing! I went to a film high school where I quickly began to make films. I even went as far as gathering up my own crew and creating an independent film company. Boy, that idea died quickly. Linux probably knew I was coming.

I love sushi, like pizza, the occasional ”Chinese Food”, Japanese food and run on Dunkin.

T-Mobile is sexy. That’s right, T-Mobile is badass! I clock at about 63MBps if not higher on average. I liked AT&T. They had some good speeds, I’ll give them that. But after years of my father’s wallet getting raped, we had to take it to rehab. It got better now, thanks for asking. We’re currently paying a fee of $135 including tax - for unlimited everything. How is the throttled network? I still get LTE speeds when loading a webpage, I only notice slower networks when actually downloading something. Which is almost never.

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