I am enormously grateful to all those people on the Internet, including here at stackexchange.com, who give their time to help others who are not so knowledgeable as them in particular fields of knowledge. I hope to be able to be able to provide some useful help to others, at some point in the near future.

Whilst my name is correctly displayed as 'james' (or 'James'?) and not 'jJames', the latter seems to now be what my account name actually is.

Whilst I find the free help I get here enormously useful, I would be quite happy to pay small amounts for such help and also receive payments myself from others on some of the occasions in which I am able to help them if there was a way to do this without much effort.

Business model from which both givers and receivers of technical advice would gain?

One such business model which came close was https://flattr.com/ - started in 2010 or before.

Eight years later, Flattr is clearly going nowhere in spite of the hype still remaining on that site. It should be fairly obvious what is wrong with the Flattr business model. Every Flatter subscriber is obliged to pay a monthly Flattr subscription for flattring. What hasn't been flattred in each account, by the end of each month, is automatically flattred to whomever the Flattr administrators choose to flattr.

Why couldn't the administrators have simply left it to the Flattr subscribers to flattr as much or as little as they chose to in each given month?

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