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What does the tty tag mean?
5 votes

A terminal is at the end of an electric wire, a shell is the home of a turtle, tty is a strange abbreviation and a console is […] :-) Believe it, might, should keep on living, but with a decent wiki ...

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edit vs. comment
3 votes

I am a bit reluctant to post this as to my direct involvement, but to clarify. We have the review feature at SE. Coming across the OP (Original Poster) mentioned edit I asked myself whether to accept ...

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Links colours are not distinctive enough
2 votes

Edit: Had not visited U&L on Windows, but seeing your update with picture and also testing on XP and 7 I see the problem. As Windows fonts in general is much thinner the effect is unfortunate. ...

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Site Design Updates
0 votes

A minor cosmetic CSS thing. When zooming out – I usually have zoom set to something between 65% and 90% – for some zoom levels one get a scroll-bar in the main menu. It almost looks as if there is ...

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