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  • I have 25 years of back end java enterprise and cloud work experience, incl. very large Spring Framework, Spring Micro-services and Spring Cloud deployments, esp. for Fintech on CapGemini, FEMA, Fidelity & State Farm.
  • I have 5+ years of Cloud Solution Architecture, incl. Fintech on CapGemini and Experian.
  • I have 3+ years of GCP architecture, plus projects in AWS/EC2, Pivotal, OpenShift.
  • I have been a domain expert in JAX-WS and JAX-RS/RESTful web services for many years, most notably at CapGemini, Lockheed, State Farm.
  • And I'm a huge advocate for TDD, and in fact a big fan of SonarQube in parallel to automated regression testing running in your CI/CD tooling.
  • Plus, I have Scrum Master and other Agile experience at CapGemini, State Farm (KanBan) and Fidelity & Intergraph/NASA (Scrum)
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