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Computer Scientist, Software Engineer and developer since 1994, Java/JEE from 1998 till 2009, C/C++ (UNIX and Win32), CORBA, software architecture, network protocols (layer 3 and up) with a defense contractor (General Dynamics C4 Systems) from 2010 to 2013. Then some C#, C++11 and WinRT C++/CX at Citrix doing mobile and desktop app/virtualization work.

Currently back in Java and Jython at Vertiv (former Emerson Network Power/Avocent). More precisely, knee-deep with PL/SQL doing time series data processing.

Other work I've done involved systems administration, x86 Assembly, VB, and FoxPro in the Pre-Cambrian. Good times, good stuff.

I've pursued a MS in Computer Science (with focus on security in distributed systems). Then some grad studies pursuing a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Hopefully I'll resume my studies and complete a MS in CS, or branch out into a MS in MIS (depending on the conditions on the battleground.)

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