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19 votes

What do you think about questions for which answers could be trivially Googled?

14 votes

Should we translate non-English questions?

13 votes

How do we want to handle AI-generated answers?

12 votes

Answer question not expertly but with gathered information if Q has no answers

11 votes

Why has the title been usurped as the question?

8 votes

Was my behavior correct in this situation?

6 votes

Why I closed the "Why is Kali so hard" question

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1 Implement: Zero Comments

4 votes

How should I approach a discussion question about a specific Unix&Linux software?

3 votes

SPAM & flag count not being reset

2 votes

Add one additional reason for closing or reword the "opinion based" reason

1 vote

In the case of a question that applies to many Linux OS:es, is it better to ask one question and expect mutiple answers, or ask one specific question?