Dominik Kummer

Currently working on an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution embedded in pure bash. For now the approach is mind-boggling, declarative, imperative and minimalist with a little help of bash loadables, libfuse, python and augtools. It's methods are pushed via HTTPS-API and pulled via package management. The system based on Archlinux and utilizes KDE frameworks. I call it Arkades which stands for Arch & Kool Aided Design System. It's purpose is to plumb the depths and limits of bash, and prepare myself for LPIC I+II. But it's final goal will be the maintenance of the Arkades Distro focusing the needs of Crafts-, Drafts-, GNU- and Penguin-Men.

Thanks to all the inventive, open-minded and helpful spirits out there, especially to the supporters of the Stack Exchange Network!