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My question had three upvotes, suddenly it is zero. What is going on?

Your question still has 2 upvotes. One upvote was removed and two downvotes were added which brings the total score to 0. Once you reach 1000 reputation, you become an "established user" ...
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I asked 2 questions in the same day - One very thumbed up, one very thumbed down --- Why?

The reasons people have for voting a question up or down are many. Ideally someone voting will be voting based on objective reasoning, but I'm sure that people vote on questions from purely subjective ...
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7 votes

Vote your own post disabled

This was status-declined a decade ago on Meta SE: Remove vote UI elements beside own question and answer posts. It might be worth it to try flagging for it to be reviewed (following What posts should ...
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What is the definition of a "high-reputation user"?

There's been 2 events that I'm aware of that recently took place. Both of these bothered me personally because these individuals were violating the "spirit" of how SE sites are suppose to work. ...
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Is the new question's up-vote policy on SO coming to

That change was made network-wide, not just on SO. It's not obvious from the blog post, but there is a hint (emphasis mine): We’re recalculating reputation for every Stack Overflow and Stack ...
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