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Questions that happen to be unclear or lack focus are primarily closed to prevent users from posting answers that would unlikely be useful or that would be hard/impossible to rate or that would likely be wrong-footed by subsequent edits to the question (and, sure, as terdon says, also to signal the asker that some improvement is needed; though, in my opinion,...


If the question does need details and people have been too lazy to explain what details are missing, then instead of voting to leave open, please comment and explain what's needed. That said, in many cases it really is quite obvious what's needed. Too many questions are "this doesn't work", without showing what "this" is, how "work&...


Technically, yes, as comments are temporary and could be deleted. Ideally, a close reviewer could see that situation (not easy from the review queue!), and edit the clarifications into the question, flag the comments as no longer needed, then vote to leave the question open.

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