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How to ignore annoying users?

Social interaction sites have ignore lists. Stack Exchange is not a social interaction site. There is no ignore list on Wikipedia. There is no ignore list on Stack Exchange either. If somebody is not ...
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What is the definition of a "high-reputation user"?

There's been 2 events that I'm aware of that recently took place. Both of these bothered me personally because these individuals were violating the "spirit" of how SE sites are suppose to work. ...
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Question ban persisting based on newbie questions over a year old

The majority of my questions have been neutrally or positively received but there are three very slightly naive questions which were downvoted You actually have quite a few downvoted questions, they ...
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What, after reputation, determines the order of users on the /users page?

Experimentally, users with the same reputation seem to be listed in decreasing order of ID number. In other words, whoever joined the site most recently is listed first. This doesn't carry over in ...
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