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Would you like to have the accepted answer pinned or unpinned on UNIX & Linux?

I think it would be best to have accepted answers unpinned on U&L. I see no reason to treat accepted answers specially.
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Would you like to have the accepted answer pinned or unpinned on UNIX & Linux?

I would suggest that unpinning is the better behaviour. Two situations come to mind: When a question is answered by a quick&dirty solution, that may work for the OP, and may therefore be accepted. ...
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Many times I "forget" to give (deserved) upvotes, because I would have to scroll up again

Keyboard shortcuts are already available. Enable them in your preferences: The help ?: Voting v:
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5 votes

Low contrast between voted-on and not-voted-on buttons

This was discussed on the stackexchange meta, and it was generally agreed that the new design is less accessible, due to low contrast among other reasons. However, the design will stay this way, ...
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5 votes

Why do suggested similar posts appear between title and body of a post under creation?

I'd argue that's the intended effect. You should look at those posts and see if any of those are what you're going to ask, and so they should be shown at the first available place where enough ...
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What time was question asked

Hover your mouse over the time shown (the words "asked yesterday" in your example, "asked two days ago" in the screenshot below) in the box with the name of the asker of any question and the time will ...
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Is it possible to modify visual rendering of links locally?

How about a user script? // ==UserScript== // @name unix.stackexchange obvious link // @version 0.01 // @include /https?\:\/\/unix.stackexchange\.com\/questions.* // @grant none // ==/UserScript== ...
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2 votes

Activity in achievements feed time-stamped as “yesterday” when I posted the question 1.5 hrs ago PST

A "day" on Stack Exchange starts at 00:00 UTC time. I believe "Achievements" are shown in absolute UTC days to keep them consistent to the way time spans for caps (to daily reputation, votes...), ...
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"Super-Meta" Call for requests for U&L site customizations

Well, I have been bothered by the logo on the app for a while and think it should be addressed.
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