The -2 you lost were because a question you had edited (which gained you +2) was deleted by the author. When a question is deleted, the reputation changes associated with it are reversed as happened here. You also lost -4 reputation a couple of days ago because 2 questions you had edited were migrated away from the site because they were off topic. ...


Not really; see How to handle people impersonating other people by choosing the same display name and Jon Skeet impersonators running rampant?. It's technically against the Terms of Service: Under no circumstances will Subscriber use the Network or the Service to (a) send unsolicited e-mails, bulk mail, spam or other materials to users of the Network or ...


See What does “user was removed” mean and why did my reputation change because of it? on the main meta. In short, a user who had upvoted one of your answers was deleted, so all their votes were removed as well, so you lost the 10 reputation you'd gotten from their upvote.


drewbenn's comment covers it; you need to use the account recovery page to fix it. Once you do get into your old account, you should register it so you can login in the future


The question is here. It was closed pretty fast as being opinion-based, and was categorized as abandoned by the system and automatically deleted. Questions aren't really supposed to hang around closed; in theory they either get fixed and reopened, or eventually deleted. There weren't any answers, and the only place the comments linked to was the Perl ...


select your user on top screen select "edit my profile & setting" ("setting" if on meta) select "My Logins" there is a "change password" link under "Stack exchange" line


See this FAQ entry. Since your account has activity, you need to contact Stack Exchange; choose the topic "I need to delete my user profile"


Yes, there can be multiple accounts with the same name. You can choose any name you want as long as: it isn't offensive (e.g. stuffing insults into your user name will cause moderators to forcibly rename you and suspend you); you aren't impersonating someone. (Terms of service §4: “Under no circumstances will Subscriber use the Network or the Service to (…)...


I think you just didn't wait long enough. In general when I go to a SE site where I'm not logged in but have an account, when I go to the login page and click on the box to input my openid login if I reload that page or if I wait a bit it will detect me and auto log me in. It isn't 100% rock solid across all the various SE properties but in general works I'...


It was probably a bug that you couldn't sign up. I sometimes have this on my mobile phone where it prevents me from logging in. But normally it works when I come back a couple hours later. You can post indefinitely as a guest as long as your questions / answers are not deemed to be spam or always very low quality. Your profile tracks the questions / ...


Clicking on your name is the easiest way to access your stats page, from there you can click the "Questions" link towards the bottom to get the list of all the questions you've asked on a given SE site.

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