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9 votes

Revert the temporary blockade on unregistered participation?

What's the benefit from lowering the barrier by removing the requirement to register? As far as I can tell, unregistered participation only seems to cause trouble - we have all seen quite a few users ...
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3 votes

changing password directly possible?

select your user on top screen select "edit my profile & setting" ("setting" if on meta) select "My Logins" there is a "change password" link under "Stack exchange" line
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3 votes

Make Users "display name" changes less confusing

No, unfortunately. This has been requested on the main meta, and it is far more serious than the simple issue of someone getting confused by a name change (I feel you, it confuses me too!), there are ...
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2 votes

I tried to sign up for this site but

It was probably a bug that you couldn't sign up. I sometimes have this on my mobile phone where it prevents me from logging in. But normally it works when I come back a couple hours later. You can ...
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