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Difference between "foo" and “foo”, 'foo' and ‘foo’ — and -- as well

We have now disabled all Smarty-like modifications text in titles. From now on, the title text saved for the post is the title text that will be displayed. If folks want em-dashes (ALT-0151) and fancy ...
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Should We Use Title Case for Titles?

I updated that title. I did so because I honestly had difficulties reading it. My brain was doing A Full Stop After Each Word. I also changed "can" to "may", but this was purely based on personal ...
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Should We Use Title Case for Titles?

No, we shouldn't use title case in question titles. It hurts readability. Reading title case is unusual, so it's an immediate barrier to quick reading. Titles usually don't contain multiple sentences, ...
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Why does the header of the tab shows the first tag and not the title of the question?

That's done to boost the Google ranking of Stack Exchange pages. It's been the case since 2010. Google's ranking algorithms have changed quite a lot, I don't know if there's been any reevaluation of ...
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