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Are tag wikis mostly just for Stack Overflow?

That looks more like a mistake in the copy on the privilege description really. This paragraph doesn't describe the tag wiki, it describes various features available around a tag. Tag wikis do not ...
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4 votes

Are tag wikis mostly just for Stack Overflow?

My activity nowadays is pretty much1 just the review queue and keeping an eye on arch-linux and pacman. So, I would say, yes, tag wikis can be helpful, although I doubt that I constitute a sub-...
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What is the [cpu] tag intended use?

There is nothing more to it actually. The CPU tag is for CPU related questions. The CPU is the piece of hardware executing instructions, therefore subjects can be related to the CPU in different ways....
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1 vote

Can you polish up the chrome tag?

I’ve just updated the excerpt (usage guidance) and tag wiki for chrome. I was going to update the boot-loader tag but working on the Chrome tag took a lot longer than I had anticipated. I've now ...
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