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Is there something wrong with tags determining the language for syntax highlighting?

The shell-script was set to highlight using lang-sh. I just changed that so it uses lang-bsh instead and that seems to have fixed the issue. I don't know if that's because lang-sh was broken or ...
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5 votes

Shell syntax highlighting does silly things like consider rmdir a comment

You either need to specify a tag name, or a language prefixed with lang-. There is no registered language named shell, so lang-shell kicks it into a default mode the same as if you'd done lang-...
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3 votes

Improve syntax detection based on shebang

If the question is tagged zsh, it will already apply syntax highlighting 'shell style'. You can see that by checking the Tag Info; at the bottom there's a little message: Code Language (used for ...
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2 votes

Suggestion to use 'bash' as syntax highlighting for text processing related tags

For your trivial examples, syntax highlighting looks mildly good because they have short strings in them highlighted as such. But for most text I have seen, blanket-wrapping all awk or sed code (...
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