Indicates that the site developers were not able to replicate the reported behavior.

A reported bug or problem is considered not reproducible if it is a bug that the site developers would fix, but cannot, due to an inability to recreate the problematic behavior in spite of attempts to do so.  Reports that are not reproducible typically represent issues that are inadequately described / documented. Alternatively, the bug did exist at the time the report was filed but was subsequently fixed by an unrelated change to code or configuration.  Or the incident was a transient issue caused by sunspots or other activity entirely unrelated to the site.

The development team will not attempt to reproduce bugs that occur only when using unsupported browsers or environments.  These will be tagged

If you are the reporter of a bug that receives this tag, it may indicate that the bug was intermittent, or merely that you didn't thoroughly explain the circumstances under which you encountered it. First, verify that you can still cause the bug to appear, and (if you can) then:

  • Describe in detail what you were doing when it happened. Include links to any relevant pages / posts.

  • List the steps you took to encounter the bug.

  • Describe your environment: browser make and version, OS, add-ons, userscripts (if applicable).

  • Include screenshots if applicable.  Use hand-drawn circles to highlight key portions of the problem.

Status tags can be applied only by ♦ moderators and site developers.