I can't repro this, and as only one user is reporting this issue, I can't justify the opportunity cost on spending more time on this. That said, I am kind of baffled as to how this is happening, so will explain some of the code logic, and maybe you will see something on your client side that could help to debug this (or force a repro). When the follow ...


This is simply a result of New Relic purchasing a large share-of-voice, 25%, of available inventory. 25% is currently the maximum we're allowing any single advertiser to purchase at one time on the sites outside of the trilogy. Note: retargeting is not something we currently permit from paid advertisers.


I cannot reproduce this behaviour at this time. Of approximately 20 refreshes that I did, I got a very random distribution of ads. I also visited new relic via their ad which seemed to make their advertisement appear more often (1 in 2-3 reloads) but I cannot get it to reliably appear each time. EDIT My colleague Anna's contribution to this answer: http://...


As Kevin said, there are escape (0x1b) bytes in there that seem to not be rendering on your machine. They show up as arrows on mine:


As Michael Horner points out in the comments these problems have been fixed in a more recent version of HTTPS everywhere. My problem was that somehow I had turned off the auto updates of my Firefox extensions. The solution is to Keep your system up to date!


This has just happened to me on this question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62117063/how-to-hide-the-div-with-the-form-and-post-data-to-database-and-show-a-hidden-di I believe it has something to do with the button "Load new answers". When you have the page open and someone adds a new question then the button appears. Once you dynamically load the new ...


I see the same diff output as you but what’s even odder is that I didn’t consciously modify the question body when I made that edit. However, from viewing the source (before and after), I can clearly see that all the Escape characters were removed by the edit. It’s likely that I used the Tab key to pass through the body textarea as I navigated from the ...

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