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Is promoting another Stack Exchange site OK?

I see no issues with this. I do this myself, especially if a user has asked bioinformatics-related questions in the past. This was a question about parsing and reformatting a Fastq file from a user ...
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Revert the temporary blockade on unregistered participation?

What's the benefit from lowering the barrier by removing the requirement to register? As far as I can tell, unregistered participation only seems to cause trouble - we have all seen quite a few users ...
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How features are integrated in between Stack Exchange forums?

According to How do I enable dark mode on other sites in the network?, it is not yet available outside of Stack Overflow: Dark mode is currently in beta and only available on Stack Overflow. You ...
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Could the site's subdomain be changed to

Unix is very much on topic here and always has been. Yes, we get fewer questions about Unix than we do about Linux, but we certainly get questions about both. We also get questions about macOS and ...
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Is promoting another Stack Exchange site OK?

Yes, but not in that way. Here is how I do it, with sites like the vi one for example, for what it is worth. If the questioner is lost, and was apparently unsure where to come in the first place, ...
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Is promoting another Stack Exchange site OK?

A few points: suggesting an SE network site to the user is common and acceptable: we see,, , etc Usually that comes ...
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People who don't use Google

I am afraid that searching for a solution on Google has become a quasi-synonym of searching on Stack Exchange, seen the number of posts from Q&A sites that come up at the top of the results. ...
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Can users hide their activities on StackExchange under their network profile?

I'm far from up-to-date on these kinds of things, but I found some information on Meta.SE that suggests that: 2016: you can hide the network profile on individual profiles it was further asked: &...
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