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Stack Exchange has a lot of mixed content which is blocked by modern browsers' Mixed Content Blocker implementations. Ref Firefox, Chrome, IE/Edge, W3C editor's draft. As pointed out in question comments, Nick Craver tweeted recently that the conversion work is close to being done. He also has a much older post detailing why turning on HTTPS is so ...


The name in the certificate does not match the host name to use. The certificate is valid for lots of different names and includes wildcards such as * (which would match against but no name which matches against Note that the included * will not match because a ...


Doesn't HTTPS Everywhere have a whitelist/blacklist facility where you can disable it on certain sites? I found these directions on making your own rulesets: HTTPS Everywhere Rulesets. Though I agree with you it would be best if you didn't need to workaround this. I think your request is apt.

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