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How to find your own questions?

There's a tab for it on your profile. You can also click the search box at the top-right and search for user:me is:question.
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10 votes

How can I list all my posts both deleted and nondeleted?

If you look in the help the full list of search operators is covered there. The page is titled: help/searching. Deleted Posts (requires 10,000 reputation) When you earn the Access to Moderator ...
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7 votes

Why doesn't search find my answer?

It does seem like search just ignores code blocks; I can't find any mention of if this is intentional, it seems like an odd decision, and the meta thread about the new search engine implies that it ...
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6 votes

How can I list all my posts both deleted and nondeleted?

I'm not sure about the correct syntax for doing searches with deleted:, but putting any string after deleted: which is not yes or no seems to work. For example user:674 deleted:* I don't think ...
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How do I search for a question I posted?

It's not too bad, once you know where to look! The way I usually do it is to: go to the profile, e.g. mine or yours ("current" magic link) the search box near the top will have inserted ...
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I need help finding this question: How to simulate one large file out of many segments?

Just ask the question. If it is indeed a duplicate, it will be closed as a duplicate, and will will have one more way of finding it next time someone has the same issue. That's the simplest way of ...
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