gnu-screen was already set up as a synonym of screen. That means that anyone attempting to tag with gnu-screen would end up with screen. I have now reversed the synonym so anyone tagging with screen will get gnu-screen instead. I've also retagged the questions you linked to.




I've cleaned up the jessie and stretch tags. As I understand it, if the tags don't get any new content they should be automatically deleted.


I just merged high-avability into high-availability. There should now be no questions tagged high-avability and the tag will be deleted by the system. So no need to edit.


Posts with /distro-version tags aren't significantly more in need of editing than average. There are plenty of /distro tags that shouldn't have that tag, too. Having decided that having the version in the tag is useless, changing /distro-version to /distro does not remove any information. So there is no advantage to a manual cleanup. There are obvious ...


STREAMS is rather obscure. Additionally, STREAMS is normally written all-uppercase but tag names are in lowercase. So it's understandable that people see streams and don't realize that it refers to some concept they don't know about. (Tag wiki? Who reads tag wikis?) I don't think there's an ideal solution but renaming the tag should help. How about sysv-...


I fixed a handful of other mistaggings in cd, moved the rest to cd-command, and put in a request to blacklist cd


I have merged wheezy into debian, the various fedoras into fedora, centos6 and centos7 into centos and sles11 into sles. I can't find any other version-specific tags so I think that's the lot of them. If anyone finds new ones, please leave me a comment here, or flag the relevant post for mod attention and point out the tag.


Unofficial list of distro-version tags, feel free to add more: Debian: wheezy jessie stretch Fedora: fedora18 fedora19 fedora-16 fedora20 CentOS: centos6 centos7 SLES: sles11 etc.?


/cdrom would be a better tag than /data-cd, I think. Typing cd would pop it up as an autocompletion, so people would discover it automatically. Or /optical-disc would cover data dvds and data blu-rays, too. We don't need or want different tags for those, do we? Tags that are too specific mean too many tags.

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