That is indeed surprising behavior! I just learned about the formula in researching your question. Based on the algorithm at What happened to the other people? My Impact (people reached) just dropped, namely: That's how we got to the current method, which counts views on the following: Answers - Views of the parent question for answers that are: ...


I'm sitting on 2282 as of today.


They refer to the number of posts you have in the corresponding tag, as well as the score you got with answers to questions that use that tag. For example looking at your profile right now shows: debian score: 17 posts: 14 posts: %18 linux score: 16 posts: 17 As you can see only the first one, which is the tag you invested the most time into, shows the ...


The question is here. It was closed pretty fast as being opinion-based, and was categorized as abandoned by the system and automatically deleted. Questions aren't really supposed to hang around closed; in theory they either get fixed and reopened, or eventually deleted. There weren't any answers, and the only place the comments linked to was the Perl ...


Clicking on your name is the easiest way to access your stats page, from there you can click the "Questions" link towards the bottom to get the list of all the questions you've asked on a given SE site.


As a point of reference, as of today I have: "visited 779 days, 779 consecutive".


If by "closure tag in vote tab", you mean this: Screenshot of the closure subtab http://so.mrozekma.com/votes-closure.png that's the right place. That lists all (undeleted) posts that you've voted to close. I would expect yours to be nearly empty, since you don't have enough rep to close posts, but you might have a couple votes to close your own posts


Although this is an improvement, I think a better (short-term) solution would be to have the following two things implemented: notification that an answer you flagged has changed ability to retract a flag This seems more easy to implement (but I am not the person having to do so), but more importantly, might reduce the work for the flag reviewers.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible