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The relevant portion of the Help Center text is: If you do not award your bounty within 7 days (plus the grace period), the highest voted answer created after the bounty started with a minimum score of 2 will be awarded half the bounty amount (or the full amount, if the answer is also accepted). If two or more eligible answers have the same score (their ...


Users can independently of reputation edit and comment on their own posts. This works in meta the same as the main site.


Turns out there was already a suggested synonym which I have now approved. I also removed the off-topic tag from the three questions that had it. So, on-topic is now a synonym of scope.


The name in the certificate does not match the host name to use. The certificate is valid for lots of different names and includes wildcards such as * (which would match against but no name which matches against Note that the included * will not match because a ...


The answer is the same as given on specifically . This is the right way to do it. Having to remember to do it each time would be a pain though :(

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible