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The following are some guidelines for flagging on Unix & Linux. I have basically copied these verbatim from a post I had written for Ask Ubuntu's Meta when I was a mod there, but the same guidance applies here too. First, a few general points about flagging: As a general rule, if the problem you see with a post can be fixed by editing, then edit and ...


Like Jeff Schaller when he wrote his comment above, I’m not a moderator... However to get in touch with a moderator, I think the best way is to @ one of them in the main chat room. terdon is usually quite responsive there, which means he gets to deal with this kind of stuff ;-). As far as spam goes, I think the practice here is to allow answers which “...


First of all, mods can't see who voted on what. That is confidential and only available to SE employees. Also, since you mention it, what you did is a clear abuse of the flagging system. As you figured out, it doesn't work that way and please don't do it again. Now, your question got 4 downvotes and 3 upvotes. That means a net reputation change of +7. Not ...


No, as it is not personally identifying information: it is just part of the scam. Flag it for deletion.


I see an option to say other flags are invalid when I access the reviews under the new colored links that show up in our toolbars at the top.   


Is there any way to communicate with the moderator about this? As a recently-elected moderator, let me say that I appreciate your concern for keeping the site clean and in trying to understand the rules/guidelines for it! I will echo what not-yet moderator Stephen said that the site's main chat room, currently named /dev/chat, is a decent place to catch one ...


Although this is an improvement, I think a better (short-term) solution would be to have the following two things implemented: notification that an answer you flagged has changed ability to retract a flag This seems more easy to implement (but I am not the person having to do so), but more importantly, might reduce the work for the flag reviewers.


There is a flag for cross posting. Click should be closed… , off-topic, then This question has been posted on multiple sites. Cross-posting is strongly discouraged; see the help center and community FAQ for more information. Note: the should be closed option only appears if you have 50 or more reputation, so you must have at least 50 reputation to use this ...

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