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Can moderated comments be recovered?

There really wasn't much that seems particularly useful, but here's a screenshot of the possibly relevant deleted comments:
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Where is the disappearing comment/activity?

Ilkkachu deleted their comment after receiving a reply in a comment from MC68020, leaving the reply comment dangling. The dangling reply was subsequently (appropriately) flagged by a user as "no ...
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Where is the disappearing comment/activity?

Given the author of the answer has already addressed the comment, it's not unreasonable for it to have been deleted. Similarly, given MC68020's comment is transient, meaning only relevant for a brief ...
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Where is the disappearing comment/activity?

I want first to offer my sincere apologizes to jrw32982 and Kusalananda for any disturbance my own mishandling of this precise situation might have caused. Generally speaking, I fully support OP's ...
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