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I like the user394’s idea to present the shell prompt.

In fact, the shell is what connects all Unix & Linux kinds, starting from BusyBox used in embedded devices, across Macs (with all their dissimilarities), to huge Linux servers. A shell works on all of them and behaves much same way. Even if you see it on Windows (using Cygwin, WSL etc.), you know: Now it behaves the Unix way.

I’d like to present a full featured prompt, presenting additional Unix features:

  • a Bash prompt which is likely the most common one
  • the root user as a universal administrator of any Unix instance
  • a hostname meaning you can work with several computers from a single terminal (using SSH, for example)
    • I’d choose unix to be short but meaningful
  • the slash representing the single-root directory structure making it so easy to mount and clone anything you like and creating a hard time for newcomers from Windows :-)

This is the text appearance of the result:

unix:/# █

If you know a good command that could be written in the shell and extend the presented idea, please tell me!