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17 votes
1 answer

Beta progress, importance of reputation, and voting

The Area 51 beta progress bar ends at 90 days. We're at 93 days, and our page says: This site has finished its beta and will be launching very soon. Why haven't we launched yet? What impact do the ...
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13 votes
2 answers

What do we do about abandoned questions, with a correct answer never accepted?

What do we do about abandoned questions, with a correct answer that was never accepted? If we suspect the original poster forgot about it completely? Not sure if we have any sort of process, or if ...
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42 votes
9 answers

Why answer a question not worth your upvote?

I see it most often on the sed/awk/grep/perl type questions, but it does happen pretty frequently I think. A lot of times you'll find like 4 or 5 answers on a question with 0 votes and it just boggles ...
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5 answers

Why do we have downvotes?

Having prepared a post on uncommented downvotes I was directed to previous discussion (thanks for the pointer @jeffschaller), but having read through a selection of these I was left with an even ...
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