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What is the definition of a "high-reputation user"?

Multiple users have been removed recently, and just yesterday one account, which connected all of them, was deleted as well. On this occasion other people have been massively un-upvoted. Removed ...
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How to ignore annoying users?

Most internet sites have the ability to maintain a personal ignore list. This makes utterances of annoying people invisible for the user feeling annoyed. I like this feature very much, because it ...
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Question ban persisting based on newbie questions over a year old

I appear to have a question ban that has persisted for over a year, and has not reset at the six month stage. The majority of my questions have been neutrally or positively received but there are ...
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Is Gilles the highest ranked unix.stackexchange user?

Is Gilles the highest ranked unix.stackexchange user? His page says he is in the top 0.02%. Is there someone in the top 0.01%? Is there some way for querying for this information?
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What, after reputation, determines the order of users on the /users page?

Yesterday I got to be exactly at the same reputation points level as another users, on the main /users -> all page. My info showed up on the page before the user that already had that reputation ...
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Is this behaviour adequate? Shouldn't edits add content?

Hi fellows, I don't want to point fingers in here, but there is a user that has all his reputation from removing "thanks" and "hi". Except for a single answer with one upvote. I know (I read ...
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user structure differences between SE sites

I just noticed a big difference in the user structure of Serverfault and this site (the two I use). Having a look at the first page (36 people) of the most active users this year this turns out: ...
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I've created a user but it hasn't been connected to my other stackexchange profiles

As far as I remember for the other sites I didn't have to enter my name, email address and other data. They were picked up from my
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