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Reviewing has become harder

Is it just me or has reviewing become harder with the changed interface? It now takes two clicks where I'm sure it used to take only one. Not a lot of difference perhaps, but enough to put me off. I'...
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15 votes
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The suggested edit queue needs to be clearer if it's a question or answer

Both @slm and I managed to vote to approve this suggested edit, not realizing it was fixing broken code in the question as opposed to an answer. (Faheem Mitha rejected, after I admitted my mistake in ...
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Could the link colours within post text be made to stand out more from regular text?

I find the link colours in posts (questions and answers) quite similar to the colour of regular text -- to the point that I'm not sure if I can tell if there is a link in the text at all. Could the ...
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Knowing about Imgur's thumbnailing abilities

In this answer to another meta question I have been told about the thumbnailing features available within Imgur. I for one had no idea that these features were even available, and hadn't even ...
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8 votes
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show the effect of favorite questions more effectively

It took me a year of membership and 9000 points rep to learn that you are notified about new answers if you make a question a favorite. And I learnt it just by chance: Someone mentioned that in a ...
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U&L favicon on dark background is barely readable

On Firefox with Dark theme enabled (it is available in the browser out of the box), this site's favicon is mostly unreadable: The letters could have less transparency and more white in them so that ...
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"Related" questions section is dancing

I just noticed the hover behaviour of Related Questions section. Below there's another section "Hot Network Questions" that is performing well on hover. Is that a bug or is it a feature? ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Red notification when review queue is too long

I've see a small bug, I've reviewed 20 vote close today, and though I can't consult the vote close queue, I still have the red notification icon in review queue while I can't consult it, I think it ...
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Posting an answer triggers the "Confirm that you want to leave" dialogue

For the past few days (since the new profile pages came out, I think), each time I try to post an answer on U&L, I get this dialog when I click on "Post your answer": If I choose "Stay on page" ...
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