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1 answer

Why did I get -10 reputation for "user removed"?

In my reputation dropdown, on the top bar, I see -10 reputation for "user was removed". When I click on it, it links to my own profile page. Why did this happen?
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4 votes
1 answer

Make Users "display name" changes less confusing

I find radical changes in users' "display name" (because of user's own will or accounts merging or else) rather confusing. Particularly when reading comments because when the link to the ...
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2 votes
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Any good reason why my Unix & Linux "accounts page shows all my Stackexchange accounts except my very Unix & Linux one?

When I have a look at my accounts page in my Unix & Linux profile, I cannot see my Unix & Linux account. I don't think it's an openId problem because it also shows up in the profile and the ...
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2 answers

Not able to view my earlier post!

Are all posts that I have posted till date available? If so where to search? To search my previous posts, I clicked my name on the top of the page. But there one post (regarding learning perl - web ...
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