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Poorly defined tag, "mitigation"

I see a newly created tag, mitigation created just a short while ago. It seems to me that it's got far too narrow a scope (kernel exploits). I couldn't see anywhere to flag the tag itself for (re)...
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Tag to use for `/usr/bin/install`

The install tag has the description: DO NOT USE THIS TAG. Use /software-installation or /system-installation instead. If this tag should not be used AT ALL, should its questions (63 of them) be ...
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Please merge [vim-navigation] into [vim]

I'm pretty sure that “Vim Navigation” isn't a phrase. It's just navigation in Vim. So the tag vim-navigation isn't refering to a particular software package or anything, it's just redundant with vim. ...
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Can we merge the macintosh and the osx tag?

Can we merge macintosh and osx where osx is the master tag? Those tags seem to have the same meaning, and it is unnecessary to have both.
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