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See who upvoted a post?

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but as a new member (or just user? I guess I'm just a user) I don't know any better ... Question: Is it possible to see somewhere who upvoted a post ...
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Is the new question's up-vote policy on SO coming to

The value of an up-vote on questions have recently been changed on, here is the acticle with the details (now an up-vote on a question have the same rep value as an up-vote on an ...
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Should we be allowed to change our vote on an answer, if we ultimately go back and mark it as "the" answer?

I recently posted a question, and was given an answer almost immediately. Initially the answer didn't seem to solve my problem, and I couldn't get much clarification on the answer, so I gave it a down ...
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Many times I "forget" to give (deserved) upvotes, because I would have to scroll up again

I came across a great (long) Q, with great (long) answers, several bounties awarded, a pleasure to read. From the tags, and the first few lines of the Q it was not clear to me, whether I would enjoy ...
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Is it appropriate to ask askers to accept an answer

Occasionally people will thank for an answer in the comments and write that the suggestion worked for them. Is it acceptable to ask them to accept the answer or upvote it instead, as seems preferable ...
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What qualifies as "serial *voting"?

I just got a really good answer to a question of mine. Since the author was so knowledgeable (about vim in this case) and gave such a careful answer, I went to read other things he wrote. There was ...
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