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Moderators accepting answer on behalf of lost users

Sometimes I find old questions with perfectly reasonable answers with none of them checked as solved. An example I found today: How can I get neovim to load my init.vim file when in sudo mode? It is 4 ...
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When is it appropriate, if at all, to encourage OP to post an answer they found themselves?

I'm new to In some other StackExchange community I participated in, it's a usual thing to encourage user to post an answer to their own question once they've found it. An example at ...
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Clean up question on this Q&A

Other sites (for example, Ask Ubuntu) have occasionally had question cleanup events in an attempt to clear out unanswered questions. Basically, the AU mods made a kind of game where they selected ...
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Can I migrate some questions of mine from Superuser to here?

I need to know if some questions of mine could be migrated here, if they are appropriate for this site and if by doing so I will get a chance to have them answered. I write here after being advised ...
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